Jon Michail's Personal Branding Masterclass

Social Media and its role in Personal Branding

August 05, 2021 Jon Michail Season 1 Episode 3
Jon Michail's Personal Branding Masterclass
Social Media and its role in Personal Branding
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In this episode, you will understand the role of social media in your Personal Branding journey.  Join Jon and discover how to take advantage of the online world and stack the odds in your favour for your business.

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Hello, thank you for listening to this episode. Today, I will share about social media and its role in personal branding.

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Okay, let's talk about social media and its role in personal branding. Social media plays a part in your brand building. So it's a great way to leverage yourself. And of course, everything that you want to promote online, it could be a post, it could be you know, a new business opportunity, a collaboration, it Cetera. If you use social media effectively, and you're communicating to the right personas, then potentially what you're doing is brand building at its best. 

Today, if you're not on social media, it basically means that you don't exist. What do I mean by that? Well, being on social media, is an opportunity to express your message and get known. But that doesn't mean that you got to be on social media, as you know, from the point of view of every channel, because that also can then become a bigger problem than you currently have. Now, it's about selecting discriminately, which social media you should be on and which is the most effective for your community, for your clients. And of course, for anything that's going to be associated with your personal brand.

I'm going to give you three main reasons for being on social media. And the first reason is, everyone's on it, including your clients and competitors. The big important fact of this is that if your competitors are on something that you're not, you've got an opportunity to lose those clients that you currently have two competitors that really have been a lot more active than you just by simply being on social media. So the idea here is to at least learn which is the best platform for you and then activate and market yourself in a way that's going to get you knowingly. But the thing about social media, from my perspective, is this. People connect on social media, but they're not actually connecting. Connecting is the key, real relationships happen heart to heart, not mine to mine. So connecting is the opportunity to build trust, reliability, and get people to actually get a real sense of who you are as a human being. And that's, of course, part of your personal branding. 

The second reason, when you're a social media, you can develop relationships with your clients and colleagues. As I mentioned earlier, trust happens on a personal level. That's why gives you an opportunity to build rapport, build a relationship, and of course, leverage the opportunity that might come up from a career point of your business point of view because you're actually now communicating with someone potentially you didn't know before. So there's an opportunity also that I would strongly advise on his collaborations, you know, and you can do this worldwide today. Beyond Weigel, you can go international. So there are many, many reasons why you'd want to at least start investigating on social media. It can help you and of course, your career and your business. 

And the third reason, social media can be budget-friendly, however, be prepared to invest time and resources to get the best results. And by that, I mean, obviously, you decide which is the right platform. And then you look at which is the best way to connect with the people you'd like to be connected with. on LinkedIn. For example, you might have to create an activated LinkedIn advertising campaign to connect to some of the best clients personas, etc. And then, of course, build a relationship over time. So then you can start doing business together. And that's and that's thing about that, you know, don't expect everything to be for free, again, because whenever at least for free, you're normally the product.

Now let's talk about LinkedIn. This social media platform requires special attention. LinkedIn is a professional platform. So there's no room on LinkedIn for what we would call his amateur type of behaviours. I, you know, it's not an Instagram, where you post, you know, friendly images of your cat or dog, okay, it's about business, it's about your career. Also, remember to share content on a regular basis, or once weekly posts is not going to accomplish much if anything, and I've been also guilty of this myself. For this reason, it's best to focus on two or three carefully chosen social networks and try to be active on them with the right quality content. Also, regardless of the social network, you must always remember to keep your brand voice, image and tone consistent, everything must be congruent. And of course, always share, share, share quality content.

I have a story to share with you. In recent times, we work with a client that uses social media the wrong way. And because he was not aware that he was doing damage to his personal brain, he just kept on posting things for the sake of posting. So we went back into the history by doing an audit of his social media and discovered images from the past that were inappropriate for his status. And his professional image in the world today, of course, was doing dramatic damage to him from a professional perspective, from a professional body perspective that he was a member of. And, of course, from the perspective that his team members at work, though he was a bit of a joke. So he wasn't aware of that. It was a tough guy, but just really unaware that, you know, by being so relaxed, and so transparent, online, you know, that that actually, he thought he wasn't doing the damage, we showed him otherwise. And what that did to him was really open up his eyes, to the reality that from the real-world perspective, you cannot keep on, you know, airing your dirty laundry, online and expect the world to look at you the same way. And this is the thing, you know, so you got to be really careful what you do post online because there is the private self and there is the public self. 

Again, and you cannot mix the two together. Although I talk about being authentic, there is just some things you cannot post online, you know, especially if you potentially don't want to damage your reputation long term. So anyway, the good news about all that is we cleaned that all up, we got rid of all posts, images, and so on that didn't serve him anymore. And he was really grateful for that experience. And over time, he repositioned himself through the support that we gave him to be seen in a new light. So it's the miracle that's happened. But you got to do some work with it. It's not just going to happen, because remember, whenever you post online, Google and so on is up there forever. Okay, although we brought it down, you know, it's imprinted digitally, on the web forever. So the idea here is to really become first away, that some of the posts or how you using social media could actually be affecting you, and damaging your personal brand, your reputation, and then learning how to clean that up. If that's the case, because hey, we all make mistakes in life. Clean that up and moving forward. 

Our chat is almost finished. If you have any questions about what we discussed today, just email me directly. The email is in the description of the episode. As always, there'll be my pleasure to help you on your personal branding journey. And I look forward to hearing from you. And since I shared with you the benefits of social media. You can also find me online and see how I use social media to constantly elevate my personal brand in you can follow me on Twitter at Jon underline Michail on LinkedIn, Jon Michail and on Facebook as Image Group International. I trust you liked this episode. Thank you all. I look forward to chatting again next week. Have a magic week. Cheers 

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