Jon Michail's Personal Branding Masterclass

The Great Resignation - all about repurposing your Personal Brand

November 18, 2021 Jon Michail Season 1 Episode 18
Jon Michail's Personal Branding Masterclass
The Great Resignation - all about repurposing your Personal Brand
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The great resignation is already here! Learn with Jon how you can make the most out of this phenomenon.

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Welcome to Jon Michail's Personal Branding Masterclass. Jon is the founder and CEO of image group international and award-winning image consulting and personal branding pioneer established in 1989. This podcast will bring you old-school wisdom, inspiring ideas, strategies, and hacks for the new tech world. Here you will learn everything about personal branding: the system, the techniques, and the right mindset to have a successful personal brand, image, and reputation.

Hello, folks; today, I will explain how the great resignation can help you repurpose your brand. First, let's look at the first of all, let's understand the great resignation. The term was coined in the late 2020s by a Texas University professor, and his name was Anthony clots; in response to the development, he said it collided like a perfect storm, growing quick rates and the burnout and rethinking of work-life balance that followed COVID The big one around that is of course, that people, especially after COVID Right now, I'm looking at new opportunities and a new way of being moving forward. Of course, Australia's exact situation might not be the same as the US and other countries. But certainly, there is a lot of movement in that space as well. And of course, from my own experience, a lot of companies are also sharing similar. Also, a recent UK survey of 6000 employees by a recruitment company ran, Stang, showed that four people are planning to quit their jobs in the next three months. 

But the thing is this, according to the most recent study by McKinsey and Company, employers still did not fully understand why the employees were leaving. And as I mentioned previously, the great Australian resignation is a myth story that there is not the exact movement as happening overseas. Nevertheless, as I mentioned earlier, my experience clearly shows that many companies are certainly experienced this already and expect it to increase dramatically into the new year. So let me share with you my view, organizations and leaders who take the time to learn why many employees quit will have an edge in attracting new talent and retaining the best talent. 

And the reasons are very, but some of the common ones are certainly COVID vaccinations mandates some the rage, of course, another one is working from home reluctant to return to the office, and also a new purpose, something more people are looking for something more and of course, COVID. You know, one of the great learning experiences from COVID has been that life is too short. So basically with, you know, all the dangers and the health dangers and that fear of dying and feeling ill and so on, of course, people have taken the opportunity, in this time of crisis, to get more pensive, and start to get a little bit deeper with themselves. I think that's a significant reason that and probably a sense that at times might be underplayed, but certainly would be on a deeper level, I consider essential for a lot of people, the resignation, the great resignation, also creating the changing workforce. And of course, people also come to the position where they want to spend more time with family. So workers are certainly looking to earn more from the perspective of starting their businesses as well. And of course, you know, have the flexibility and freedom to do their own thing. 

So I can see a significant opportunity for growth in entrepreneurship, and of course, startups and small businesses. So I think the times are good from that perspective. Because many people are also realizing, you know, it's about taking charge of my own life and maybe doing my own thing. One of the best outcomes of this great resignation is to create a culture of trust in the company. Our trust is at an all-time low. The 2021 element Trust Barometer says that business now is the most trusted of all institutions, ahead of NGOs, government and the media. And that's extraordinary because obviously, business will be taking the front foot here, in leading a lot of new opportunities previously might have been left to others, including government. So businesses got the perfect opportunity right now to reset from the perspective of taking the bull by the horns and, you know, and selling, selling something beyond just their product. 

We also get up putting the purpose on the front foot and taking responsibility that, you know, beyond just the product, is something a lot bigger. And that might also mean the community. The great resignation opportunities will be about assessing existing employees, you know, identifying strengths and blind spots in your team. Also, of course, the environment where they're working, you know, and differentiators. For instance, what makes my people so different, you know, personal brand and corporate brand comes into play here big time. And of course, a re-evaluating and communicating with your stakeholders, what you stand for. Clients love that. community loves that. And of course, from a community social responsibility, this is a very important part, because it actually links to values. And that's what I'm gonna be sharing with you next. So it's necessary to rethink the values of the company. 

So it's a perfect time to repurpose your company brain. And what does repurposing mean? Well, repurposing your personal values and your company values and brand will create an integration, you get clear on what they are, first, get purposeful, and then you live your mission. As I mentioned earlier, life is too short to be stuck in a job you despise. And certainly, I think a lot of employers are looking at that and saying, hey, you know, this is the perfect opportunity to reposition myself, why not deal with a company that really cares, some of those needs will need to be met. Because as we all know, money at a company will only hold you there for so long. And that's where the concept of, you know, your personal values, your purpose, and of course, your mission is all so important in the new world that we live in. 

You might say to me, Okay, John, I get it. I understand why you should rethink your company values. But why should I also reconsider into repurposing my personal brand? Well, as everything, things become tired, things become stale, things become what I would call dated. So the first thing I would be looking at is, you know, ask questions, and get clear. Is it fresh? Is the brand purposeful? Is an adventurous, isn't curious, isn't attractive? If it's not, Mike afresh, might get purposeful, might get adventurous, might get curious and make an attractive life does not just happen, it's up to us to make it happen. Repurpose your life, to live your truth, not someone else's. And that includes, of course, your company brand. 

Remember this; the future is unpredictable. So taking charge of your life, values, and purpose is essential to create authentic authority. Why? Because authentic authority is a rare thing today in the fake news world. Real authority is a trust in your power, i.e. your brand. Authentic authority is an influence attractor; it's an influence builder. The original authority has been recognized as valuable. Genuine authority leverages connections and networks; it gets people to come to get to know you because you are an attractive product in the marketplace. You're not a commodity. You're a highly valued brand.

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