Jon Michail's Personal Branding Masterclass

The Most Common Personal Branding errors People Make

February 03, 2022 Jon Michail Season 1 Episode 22
Jon Michail's Personal Branding Masterclass
The Most Common Personal Branding errors People Make
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Many people think it's easy to build a personal brand, and that's why it’s so easy to make mistakes when they are building their own. In this episode, Jon shares with you the most common personal branding errors people make and teaches you how you can avoid them. 

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Another common error is acting first, and then attempting to fix an error. This is so common online because people react a lot easier. Before they think. You know, it's a good reason we believe that our reputation division management side of our company is so engaged before you act, think being rational in the digital world can be a standout event when there is so much emotion involved. Let's talk about other areas. Another common one for the show is being fake. This has always been a problem in society. But today online, and I'm talking about specifically online in this instance, it's become a bit of a disease. And you know, social media is part of that problem. And if they wanted, they can eradicate it fairly quickly, if they choose to. Fake news comes in many guises and will only increase as people forget their moral responsibilities. So the key here is is to be yourself. Like Oscar Wilde said a long time ago, everyone else is taken. So by being fake, and this is again, a disease that's increasingly growing, as I noted earlier, this is not gonna end well, if you go down that track. And a good example of that recently is Elizabeth Holmes, in the US with her thoroughness company that has been found out to be a complete fraud, actually a multi-billion dollar fraud. So being fyke might look good in the initial outset, you know, money, fame, but long term, it's not something that, you know, carries favour for somebody and some organization that actually wants to do good and the right thing on this planet, so we don't certainly recommend it, obviously, but it's a serious common problem and it's only growing because of obviously the digital power of social media and the whole online world. 

Another common era is to seek fame and glory, before things that truly matter to you. And I believe that is also a dangerous one. And it sort of fits in a little bit with what I just said earlier. In my experience, having coached celebrities in Hollywood, and Australia, I did notice that find can be dangerous, especially if not handled appropriately. You know, because just think about some of the recent reality shows, you know, people get on there, they get fame, and then when fame becomes less, so after a time, that can create depression and all sorts of other stuff. That, of course, has led also to the suicides of many celebrities around the world. So I ask you to ask yourself before you place fame above other things that are most important to you. So what is the number one thing that matters to you? So that's a question. Question two would be how does that relate to your core values? So you know, ask yourself, How does this particular number one thing that I'm after relate to my core values? And number three? Ask yourself again, for an example, if I changed Fine, how congruent is that? Question one, and two, that will give you the correct responses. To keep you balanced, fame is fleeting, and comes with a price to pay question I always ask is, are you prepared to pay that price? Another era is an over-focus on yourself. What that means is beyond the audience's expectations, so no one likes an individual who is all about me, me, me, in a hyped-up fake news world, this has now also become an illness. You know, what we recommend is show your clients show not tell your clients on how to improve aspects of their lives, you know, whatever that is, whatever it is that you're promoting out to the world first, before focusing on aspects of yourself. Of course, we recommend you promote yourself. But what we say also, is to keep your ego in check, always.

Lastly, one of the most common areas nowadays is being exclusively virtual. So what we suggest there is this, always throw in some old school wisdom, you must still build an alibi, a personal brand. But it must be beyond virtual. If you are to stack the odds in your fibre. real relationships are still cultivated, live, yes, the old fashioned way. And research clearly shows that the way that way, and important people want to connect, even during COVID that way is because it's real. You can't trust social media companies to do the right thing with us, ie D platform you for their own reasons. That's why it's essential that you have both sides covered, digital, and of course, the old fashioned real world of face to face relationships. 

Let me share with you now how I helped the client that was making numerous personal branding errors, first of all, I'm going to keep it simple. First of all, they had no strategy to start with, I know a personal dash brand plan to implement. So it was ad hoc. Again, a bit like what I said about fame earlier, you know, they wanted fame as opposed to really getting clear where they want to go with his, you know, with his whole strategy, and without a plan without what happens, you're going to be all over the place. Some simple things like incongruent images, you know, and the words used for the target market basically did not connect with their audience. So their positioning again was all over the place. Photos Online were inappropriate, you know, and I'm talking about even the fun photos, because they were incongruent, again with themselves as a, you know, as a brand, but also their target audience. It was a bit made to differentiate, there was no uniqueness. Your uniqueness is what's gonna, you know, it's what's gonna get you known It's what's gonna get you to become a driver for making your special out there, your, you know, anything wacky, anything that is unique to you. And I mean wacky from the point of view, it has to be congruent your brand is essential if you're going to be seen as of course, authentic. So, you know, differentiation is a key, a key term here to consider if you want to get known and also more importantly remembered, and one of the others is, you know, presenting a cheap identity. You know, be clear on your brand, you can promote high ticket premium once your identity is congruent. 

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