Jon Michail's Personal Branding Masterclass

Street-Smart Wisdom for Leaders - Part 4

July 06, 2023 Season 2 Episode 90
Jon Michail's Personal Branding Masterclass
Street-Smart Wisdom for Leaders - Part 4
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Welcome to Jon Michail’s Personal Branding Masterclass. Jon is the founder and CEO of image group international, an award-winning image consulting and personal branding pioneer established in 1989. This podcast will bring you old-school wisdom, inspiring ideas, strategies and hacks for the new tech world. Here you will learn everything about personal branding: the system, the techniques and the right mindset to have a successful personal brand, image and reputation.

Welcome back to another episode of the show. Today we will continue our series on street smart wisdom for leaders we in other words with Harvard Business School does not teach it. So let's get started. We will discuss how age old wisdom always Trump's new age populism. Here's what Warren Buffett's business partner Charlie Munger told CNBC is Becky quick during an interview in 2019. Quick asked lunga for the secret for long and happy life, the secret is said manga. It's easy, because it's so simple. It told the people often ask him, How can I become like you, except faster? His answer, spend each day tried to be a little wiser than you were when you woke up, discharge your duties faithfully and do well. Step by step you get ahead, but not necessarily in fast spurts. But if you build discipline by preparing for fast spurts, slugging it out one inch at a time, day by day, at the end of the day, if you live long enough, most people get what they deserve. So what is the relevance of these words? And why are they so wise, because throughout history, for something to grow a bit like a tree, it starts from a seed. And then of course, the roots grow, you got a trunk, before you know it, you got branches, and then you have leaves the same thing with human beings and growth. So what we've seen at times this unbelievable growth with a lot of companies, especially in the tech world, you know, becoming billionaire companies virtually overnight, has not been part of the history, okay, it's something as a new phenomenon. Now, that doesn't mean we, you know, we got to dismiss that. But we definitely have to learn for the last 5000 years and apply that in today. And of course, what is technology, it's really a tool to make our lives better. Anyway, that's what it's supposed to be. So when it comes to wisdom, it's about really looking at things, you know, from a critical thinking perspective, a bit like what Munger said, because it does take time, no different to the tree. And basically, why is wisdom important because it has stood the test of time, fairly simple, right. And if something's been around for so long, there must be something to sell a world driven by trends, fleeting fads, it's crucial to remember that timeless human behavior principles stand the test of time today, as always, alright, to label that fact. But it's a reality.

So as leaders, we must anchor ourselves in the wisdom of the ages, and use it as a guiding light. And the values and principles that have withstood this test of time will always hold more weight and credibility than the latest buzzwords and trends. Just be aware. As an image maker, I understand buzzwords and trends. And sometimes they have nothing to do with the roots of the tree, they're all have to do mostly with the leaves. So remember, marketeers spin, doctors robbers do this to make themselves relevant. Of course, if you're not good social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Basically, if they can't get through in what they try to sell you, otherwise, you know, they would face unemployment. So just be we're going to bring out some of your cynical thinking, hear from a creative thinking perspective, and just see that it's not always exactly the way it's presented, or promoted. So as a leader, entrepreneur, and a family guy, Yes, that's me. I love innovation. I love creativity. And I love progress. However, you need to also keep your critical thinking skills close to you unless you want to be hoodwinked into the latest fad, and that can certainly be costly. Now, let's talk about expanding your bubble beyond your natural comfort zone in reference to a series. And as leaders, it's easy to fall into the trap of surrounding ourselves with like minded individuals who reinforce our existing beliefs. We all fall into habits, some habits are there for our protection. And of course, some habits create such a blind spot for us that holds us back. So it's comforting to know that you're basically you don't have to do anything. However, serious growth and innovation happens when we expose ourselves to diverse person perspectives and ideas that are virtually uncomfortable. That's when the magic happens again in uncomfort, and comfort will only get you what you've been getting. So what's important here is definitely to suspend your story, suspend your beliefs, and what opinions you have. And really, you know, create a neutral position for yourself in the middle, and just hear both sides of the story, and then make a decision how that would affect, of course, your life, business, Korea, et cetera. Because without that, again, you're going with, you know, the latest fad. And we know what that means. It's just designed, of course, to sell, sell, sell. So think about this this way. Remember, the last time you were stuck, and that to think creatively, to recreate and win. So surround yourself with people that want more from you, they new want yourself and find the kindred spirits to elevate your greatness. This is important, this is essential, I would say. Because I'm with as we've spoken many times in the past, it's very difficult to do it as a lone wolf. This way, you're all winning, again, a true Win Win, of course, to the relationship and everything else. So now, let's discuss the importance of recognizing people's personality types early in our careers lives, we inevitably encounter various types of individuals, some of them might possess also toxic traits that can disrupt their professional and personal lives. Now, you know what I'm talking about here, if you're honest with yourself, you'll be able to see this you'll be able to see this potentially with friends could be even family, but definitely the workplace and of course, society. So you want to be really clear of the toxic types, and there is many out there. And by the way, this is only going to get worse. Okay, so for instance, the toxic triad of narcissism, Machiavellianism and of course, psychopathic can be detrimental. By understanding the signs and characteristics of these personalities, we can protect ourselves and make better informed decisions. It's crucial to be vigilant, and learn how to navigate these challenging dynamics while preserving our own personal brand integrity. Now, we're not going back to this toxic triad, just have a look also how much scams have increased all over the planet, especially in the online world. Again, this or all that psychopath is definitely going on. And it's disguised as fancy sales Spiel many, many times, of course. And if you've been called by one of these people, you'll discover very quickly if you listen very carefully, that specifically the integrity is definitely missing, because a lot of it, or most of it, is a words that are just flowered up to make you feel good. So it's important just listen, take a deep breath, and definitely bring on your critical thinking skills look, as an innovative creator, as a visionary. I mean, two big language. I love creativity. As I mentioned earlier, having said that, I don't put my critical thinking skills on stop while I'm doing that. 

So it's important to look at both sides here. I can't stress that enough. Because the changing times that are happening, and in while it experience tells me the backstabbing, toxicity and fear will increase dramatically going into the sun in the near future. And the medium future, this is definitely already happening. I've been through that. And specifically, I've survived and prospered through the last full crisis since 1989. So it's not like, you know, I can't feel what's happening right now. And of course, other than feeling the evidence clearly shows that. So you gotta keep really on your toes right now. And that's the exciting bit because when you're on the toes like this, and you're a contrarian, there's opportunities that exist that most people cannot see. So you must keep your values intact through these times. Otherwise, it's your reputation, or more on the line. So I suggest you don't make a deal with the devil. And stay in your personal integrity lane. Shit happens I get it. Sometimes, you know, challenges bring up all sorts of, but all challenges will be handled over time as long as you do what needs to be done as soon as possible. With no time wasting. So if your sales are down, for instance, yes, look at yourselves. If your Korea is going off track look at your Korea. And of course if you have life challenges, look at them straight away. Do not avoid the pain around that because the pain will only get worse. I can guarantee you that most of the time. So if you're stuck, fine trust and respected, you know, friends, a colleague or a professional and deal with it, I advise you to not bury your head in the sand and of course most people do and that might be good for you. because then that becomes a competitive edge for you when you're done bury your head in the sand. So finally, let's delve into the significance of body language. How we present ourselves physically speaks volumes about how our personal brands perception. Now remember, physicality has an impact on your mind, again, so if your body if you're tearing your body in a way that specifically does not speak out, I'll use the quote, healthy in this case, or empowered, et cetera, then of course, that also has an impact to your mind. And of course, the way people perceive you. So for instance, walking tour, and exuding confidence through a body language. And of course, physiology can make a first and lasting impression on others. So it's not just the appearances, you know, it's way beyond the superficial aspect of how you look, it's also inside, in reference to how you feel. And of course, how you operate from the perspective then of you know, the results that you're gonna get, because behaviors, your behaviors will impact everything, said some Adam Bahding, the qualities we want others to associate us with us. So if you want to present it with confidence with authority, okay? If you want to be respected, all of this comes into play. And of course, your physiology represents that, because they're also, you know, if you want to, if you want to look at the opposite side of that, have you seen people that walk around, for instance, like they're carrying the whole world on their shoulders, and in many cases, they look like victims, that looks desperate. And you know, what desperation retracts and well, desperation. And of course, and that's the opposite of abundance. 

So you never want to look like a victim, even if you are, okay, specifically the world we're operating is so you're gonna take the control of these traits, you know, this way of being that we've spoken about. And of course, it's not that difficult to do. It's actually quite easy, as long as you put the commitment in the wheel there to do that. So of course, this is also where age old wisdom comes into play. Because all can be transformed, as long as the person is coachable. And I don't mean psychobabble, just honest coaching and the will to take action. I can't stress that enough. That wraps up today's episode of streetsmart wisdom for leaders, or in other words, but Harvard Business School does not teach you. I hope you found these insights value. Remember, personal branding is an ongoing journey on leadership. And by incorporating these principles in your life, you can cultivate a powerful and authentic personal brand that will deliver results for your Korea business. And of course personally, I want to thank you for tuning into my show and I'm looking forward to supporting you with personalized guidance and advice on your personal branding journey. I invite you also to reach out to me if that's what you'd like to do, just send us an email and we'll see how we can help you. The email address is on the description of the episode. Remember to connect with me on social media you can find me on Twitter as John underlying Michael or LinkedIn as John Michael and on Facebook as image Group International. Thank you again and wishing you a great week. Cheers.

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