Jon Michail's Personal Branding Masterclass

Lessons of Innovation and Growth from Naveen Jain

September 14, 2023 Jon Michail Season 2 Episode 95
Jon Michail's Personal Branding Masterclass
Lessons of Innovation and Growth from Naveen Jain
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In this episode, Jon continues to explore the visionary entrepreneur Naveen Jain's insights on innovation and growth. Join the conversation and discover how to thrive in today's ever-evolving business landscape.

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Hi there and welcome back to my show. Before we started our chat today, I kindly ask you to connect with me on social media. My Twitter ex is John underlying Michael, LinkedIn is John Michael. And you can find me as image Group International on Facebook. So let's get started. In today's episode, we're continuing our exploration of billionaire entrepreneur Naveen Jane's remarkable insights, as per his interview in Entrepreneur magazine on philanthropy and the relationship with entrepreneurship. One of the great takeaways from Rabin Jane's interview is the notion that should disruption happens when you venture into unfamiliar territory. So stepping into an industry, you're not so well versed, can lead to fresh perspectives, and groundbreaking ideas, for example, that billionaires who are starting in his space, for instance, in space exploration companies, as an example, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson. These are great examples of people with no background, for instance, in space exploration in the whole industry as a whole, but have a nose for future trends. And this is really interesting, because what I want to explain on that is, normally what the education system would tell us is something opposite to that, you know, in a perfect example is like, you're not going to a particular industry, because you have no experience on it, I had no management experience or leadership experience. And the reality is, at times some of the greatest concepts have ever been created, because somebody went in there blind needs to use that term, and also innocent and started asking questions and seeing things from a different perspective, that might be the incumbents could not see and not give a light on this from personal experience going into sports management, you know, and establishing a sports management agency with my part. So the experience of that was, we had little experience in industry, we had fury contacts, and we had little understanding of the mechanics of doing business. In sports. This is very important. So we were fairly naive. But at the same time, we were experienced from the perspective of business, we run many businesses before. So the philosophy of business was not new to us, what was new was the industry, what we had an abundance of was definitely an entrepreneurial mindset, a hunger to disrupt old systems and an attitude to never say never, you know, a capacity to work smarter and harder than some of the incumbent players. And this is exactly what we did. And what we did, by that is gonna go into sports management, as I mentioned, specifically, although, you know, we had a some AFL involvement, the big focus was the soccer football from the perspective of FIFA football. And of course, we created an agency that transferred players from South America, mostly Brazil, Argentina, into the Asian markets. And that was very, very successful. And we did that for 10 years before we sold the company, it was acquired. And obviously, in that time, we had a lot of experience a lot of, I suppose insights in to how you can disrupt other industries, even if you don't know much about them. Certainly, if you've had a hotline, that industry that's had experienced as well, that could also be a help if there is a, you know, a group of you. So Jane also explains, you know, that his fundamental belief is that entrepreneurs are definitely going to become the next superpower. Now, if you have a look at this, he's right, because all tech companies that are virtually booming today and have been for the last, you know, 1015 years, including Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. all started with an entrepreneurial mindset. Now, of course, today, they are conglomerates. They are big corporate monsters, but of course, they didn't start that way. They started with a very small team, and they grew dramatically from that. So that definitely required an intrapreneur mindset and that's not going away because why it's in bleak governments, and political leaders and so on cannot create the change and transformation in society, the business people can, especially business people with an entrepreneurial mindset. So join encourages people to think bigger than they can ever imagine, to the point where you might even scare them. And I certainly from my experience, couldn't agree more. You see, entrepreneurs, in my experience are fearless entrepreneurs, a calculated risk takers, entrepreneurs desire to make a difference in the world with their concepts. So they are just not business people, they just want to make money. Just when when the cycle though, I want to say this, if that's your passion as well, hey, I'm not gonna judge, okay. But what I'm going to suggest is they love to create wealth. 

Okay, that's just beyond, you know, beyond counting the dollars everyday they want to, they want to see something beautiful creative, that's gonna make a difference out there. And certainly, in many cases, not all cases, hopefully leave the world a better place. So they are creating disruptors, you know, with a mission to move humanity forward. That's certainly my experience is that having said that, you know, there's others as well, that may be don't want to move humanity forward. But I think if you've got the purpose to do that, I think you'll wake up every morning, certainly feeling more alive. That's certainly something that I can attest to. Another highlight from the interview was how Naveen Jain and his partner a new raise their children, you know, and this is important as well, because in today's climate, where you've got entitlement out of control, he would suggest that, obviously, his partner and himself have redefined what it means to succeed with their children. And, of course, as a family. So what he says is in the interview, is that our software isn't tied to possessions, but to the positive impact we bring to the well, you know, and the example of that is all your possessions could be lost everything, your money, your house, even your reputation, what cannot be lost is your imagination. So your self worth your thinking, your critical thinking skills, and the way you view the world cannot be lost. So that's the sort of stuff we're talking about the internal stuff, as opposed to all the shiny trinkets that people think at times, is what's going to give them that happiness that they're looking for, or even success. So as Levine puts it, don't be a parasite. And what he means by that is basically go out there and create, from the perspective that you're going to leave some real value here a lot more than specifically when you, you know, originally entered the planet. So it's about part of this is around redefining success for his kids away from the traditional system of what a times we are conditioned to believe. Now, and I just want to reaffirm here, I mean, this is a very wealthy guy. Of course, he wasn't always like that he came from a very poor family, and he had to go out there and create, but he used his intelligence to create something that of course, now, you can certainly use to leverage and make a difference in the world and, of course, to his own family along the way. And of course, if you Google his kids, you'll see that they are doing very well thank you very much as well. So he says, We told them that your success is never measured by how much money you have in the bank, or measured by how many lives you improve. So your self worth doesn't come from what you own, your self worth comes from what you create. And that way, it is something that of course, personally, I've lived all my life, being a creator, originally, as a designer, I know that creating is something that makes you feel alive, I guess. So I certainly agree with that comment, that I would use that total he and lend it from Jain because it's something that I also believe and seen to be very effective. So you can learn a lot. But are you if you haven't created anything, then you are still a parasite in society. 

 So don't be a parasite. And this is very important. What he means by that is, I suppose in my experience, having worked with all sorts of different clients is not be a pipe or shop flow, go out there. And, you know, action, something, don't just Yap on a barrel, or just write about it, but go out there and actually create something from that thought. And this is and this is the important bit because it's the action that makes you feel alive. And the last insight I had from his interview was this, expect the unexpected and embrace it, Rob, we've spoken about the unexpected and change in society previously, and we'll continue to talk about however, what I can say that I have said previously is this. We're living in certainly unprecedented times that things are changing so quickly. And disruption is the name of the game. I just got back from a seminar tour. and are visited the States and parts of Europe. And I can tell you the world is facing all sorts of problems, you know. So it's it's nothing new here that basically times are changing. And you know, the news that you get is normally something that's designed to really confuse you. Because the stuff that is happening out there is a time is not something that you're going to basically get by watching news or even social media. You need to get information from great contacts, or great networks. And of course groups that specifically are thinking on the edge of disruptors themselves. So as leaders as entrepreneurs, we must embrace disruption, and create better for the future. So wrapping up on our exploration of lovey Jane's interviewed that I found, of course, compelling. And obviously, we've covered that now for the last two episodes, were reminded of the importance of fresh perspectives, with dashes, dreams, impactful actions, and embracing life's surprises. You know, we'll take a moment to reflect these ideas, and consider how they resonate with your journey.

Now, think about the last few years we've gone through COVID and moto change, you know, a lot of heartache for a lot of people, a lot of ups and downs, a lot of businesses that gone broke, and a lot of people that might not be any longer with us. So it's about embracing what I would say is the untamed power of fresh perspectives, for within them lies in all the keys to unlocking audacious dreams and fielding impactful actions in a world saturated with routine remind dying. It's the daring souls who dare to see beyond the ordinary, and who grasped the ordinary with both hands. It's a pitch Alina virus, you know, who have shattered conventions. The visionaries who defied limitations are the pioneers who reshape history, all driven by the alua of a different lens through which to view the well. You know, they understood that stagnation is the enemy of progress, and the true brilliance of emergence when when we dare to challenge the status quo. Because remember, the status quo does not like change, they like things the way they are so imagined when somebody likes things the way they are, they are normally the winners from that, potentially, and you're not, you know, so this is where this courage comes into play Sia, you know, son loves surprises, and there are many or inspiring, let's say and challenge it, or the crucibles in which our characters forge our potential crystallise. So embracing them with open arms and open mind what's happened to a wellspring of resilience and adaptability that propels us forward even in the face of uncertainty. So I implore you and look at this specifically, you know, and Jane mentioned also about his family, if you have kids, if you have family, if you got young people around you, this is essential, because they can go through many challenges today, that might be people in my generation did not go the same way did not experience the same way I would say. So seek out new perspectives, you know, like periodicity, be your compass and let go modulation and Bill suite, you know, and step away from the comfort of feminine reality and into the realms of endless possibility with fresh perspectives as your guide. You know, audacious dreams is what transforms tangible realities. And impactful actions will echo through the corridors of time, that's how you're going to be known. That's how you're going to make history that's how you're going to be recognised and remembered. So let us rise above the ordinary champion, the unexplored rebel, in all the surprises that life gives us. So let us be the architects of change the calculus of transformation and the guardians of boundless potential. The world is hungry for those who dare to see the new and will heed the call to make their mark. So what I want to do is, you know, thank you for listening. You know, we hope that you found this episode valuable. As you can see, I'm inspired around change because I think it's the constant that virtually will be with us for the rest of our lives and humanity forever. So remember, through this particular podcast, write us on Apple podcasts and subscribe to more valuable content. I look forward to providing you with more valuable insights next week. And as always, cheerio and have a great week.

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