Jon Michail's Personal Branding Masterclass

How to Build Your Personal Brand Within Your Company Culture

September 21, 2023 Season 2 Episode 96
Jon Michail's Personal Branding Masterclass
How to Build Your Personal Brand Within Your Company Culture
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Join Jon as he uncovers the secrets to building an authentic personal brand within your company culture. Discover the strategies that can supercharge your career growth while making a meaningful impact on your organization. Tune in now!

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Welcome to Jon Michail’s Personal Branding Masterclass. Jon is the founder and CEO of image group international, an award-winning image consulting and personal branding pioneer established in 1989. This podcast will bring you old-school wisdom, inspiring ideas, strategies and hacks for the new tech world. Here you will learn everything about personal branding: the system, the techniques and the right mindset to have a successful personal brand, image and reputation.

Hello, everybody, and thank you for joining me today. Today's episode is all about building an authentic personal brand within your company culture. So we'll delve into the key strategies that can help you not only improve your career growth, but also contribute positively to your organisation. So what we would call that is a true win win win. So first, let's understand the power of an authentic personal brand. And why authentic personal branding matters.

In a world fueled by constant connectivity, and information exchange, the concept of personal branding, as we all know has risen to prominence as a crucial determinant of success and influence. It's somebody that's been doing this for over 34 years. I can certainly agree with that particular statement, because it's actually my experience. But amid the cacophony of curated personas and carefully crafted images, I Instagram, the true power lies in authenticity, delving into the essence of an authentic personal brand, this exploration and builds the profound significance of genuine self expression. So authentic personal branding transcends the surface level veneer. It's delving into the real of sincerity and vulnerability. So it's a symphony of one's values could be passions and unique story, resonating with an audience of course seeking genuine connections in the digital age. So in a landscape where superficiality often overshadows substance, authentic personal branding standards, a beacon of trustworthiness and reliability, it breaks down barriers Foster's genuine engagement and forges lasting connections that extend far beyond fleeting trends. So through the lens of authenticity, this exploration sheds light on the why behind personal branding. It reveals the embracing of one's true self, and also opens up the opportunity to liberate you. And also at the same time, empower you. Authentic personal branding enables individuals to harness their uniqueness, turn it into a catalyst for growth, influence, and of course, impact. So as the world, you know, navigates, see your facades, and this is right across the board, by the way, from big business politicians, to nonprofits, let us unravel the layers and understand the power of an authentic personal read. So let us recognise them by embracing a genuine selves, we not only stand out, I mean, it's the noise but also resonate with the world yearning for truth and connection. Authentic personal branding matters because it is the bridge between who you are, and the legacy we leave behind an indelible mark that speaks the hearts and minds of generations to come. But building a personal Rando does not mean stepping outside the boundaries of your organisation. Again, it's about aligning your brand with your company's values and mission, by the way, for some of you that think your personal brand is out of congruence with your organisational brand question for you to consider there as well. He's maybe you're not with the right organisation anymore, I guess. So just to continue on that. So basically, I have a few strategies to help you get started. And my first tip is to expand your relationships externally. And internally. Remember, networking is a powerful tool for growth and networking. I don't mean just flipping networking, just for the sake of you know, connecting on Facebook, I'm talking about here authentic connections, you know, so attending industry events, and cultivating one on one relationships, of course, can lead to incredible opportunities are a testament to that, since the establishment of our business, we've been doing that ourselves. And of course, it's how we build successful relationships worldwide. So you've got to do that or certainly, you know, you've got to have a system on how basically people are going to get to find out more about you. But don't focus on the on the outside of the organ of your company, organisation, network also internally and build relationships with key people inside your industry. Of course, that's how you build great networks as well, that are going to leverage potentially in the future, especially also if you want to, you know done that track, do your own thing as well, you know, one died, that might be something you might want to consider. 

So make sure company stakeholders are aware of your accomplishments. And what this means is it's not about just bragging from the sake of all letting the world know how great you are. Now it's ensuring that your company stakeholders are well informed about your achievements and contributions. And this is the same for all positions in the organisation, including board members, and CR. Now, this is very important, I just want to mention something that, in my experience, having worked with many board members, and of course, leaders, CEOs in the C suite, it's essential that every stakeholder knows of the great things that you're doing, including, you know, in politically sensitive environments, it's important that people know you're doing great things out there. Because in my experience, what happens is this, people pretend they are your best friends, until they're not your best friends. And this is, you know, people will say all sorts of things along the way. So you got to basically nurture and cultivate these relationships authentically. And it's important to let people know that you're doing all these great things, and I'm not talking about in promoting it by putting in a face, but certainly a little bit of humble bragging certainly makes a difference here. And if it's not going to be you, it has to be done somehow it could be your team members. And of course, this is where good content writing comes into play. So keeping them updated on your accomplishments, of course, is crucial for showcasing your value, building strong, strong relationships, and fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation. Because remember, this, people want to hang around with us a tribe, they want to hang on winners, including your enemies. So basically, you know, it's important that you put that out there. And it's also, it's also part of your power recognition, your personal power recognition that you're basically doing some great things out there. So by proactively sharing your successes with stakeholders, you strengthen your professional reputation, and contribute to the overall success of the organisation. So the caveat on this is, of course, it's how you do it. It's not should you do it, it's how you're going to do that. And of course, there is a state system on how to do that, of course, with coming across as too showy, as well, as I'm not recommending that you become too showy. It's the opposite of what I'm talking about. So sharing your expertise through leadership content. And I mentioned concept before he's another, of course, great way to build your personal brand. Because content can include other than video, it could include articles, blog posts, of course, social and mainstream media. But you can also seek out the chance to speak at conferences, this is very important, because a lot of people get to see you. Podcasts are fantastic, you know, webinars or panel discussions. So any opportunity to get out there and speak it's important. Now, if I could get $1, for every time somebody says to me, I hate public speaking, speaking in public is like, fear worse than death, etcetera. I'd been a very wealthy man just on that. But the thing is this, I have not met one person that yearns deep down to bring out their authentic voice, including the most introspective human beings I've ever met. So we're all virtually looking for an opportunity. And I'm going to say we all want to bring out our voice, we want to be heard, we want to be respected. We want to be recognised, you know, deep down if we're going to be honest with ourselves. So this is the opportunity, of course, the more speaking you do, and it could be one on one or in groups, that gives you the opportunities to expand yourself, leverage yourself. And of course, develop yourself to a level of confidence that you might not have had previously. So just remember that all this content needs is to align with the company rules, because we are talking about building your personal brand in congruence with your business. 

So to harness the power of diverse content platforms, from articles and blog posts, to social media, and mainstream media, and showcase your expertise and accomplishments. It's important to utilise these opportunities at conferences, as I mentioned, podcasts, webinars, panel discussions, so you can amplify your voice further. So ensure that all your content aligns seamlessly with company guidelines. And, you know, fosters a strong professional presence that resonates with stakeholders and reinforces your commitment to the organization's success. So because we're talking about organisational branding link here, culture and personal branding, that's why this is essential. But having said that, if you're going to be doing that for your own business, it's the site you know, you got to be congruent. Otherwise, you're sending in Congress messages. And of course, your organisation will not like that. And they PII communications, people will certainly not like that either. So you're gonna get that really right, because then that's when you can get into political problems, you can also write a book. So let me share with you how a book helped me establish my personal brand. And by the way, we have done this for many, many clients. So discovering the potential of writing a book, like I did over 25 years ago was a transformative tool for myself in building a powerful personal brand. When I wrote life branding, in year 2009, two, my experience, from firsthand working on that book with my editor and saw was that I became more of an expert by actually writing about my experiences and writing about the concept around branding than it was previously just by coaching clients and their organisations. So because I had to write it down and solidify it, that made it very, very serious. And from that perspective, I had to think differently around how I'm going to put that all together. So the end winds up that was a solidified my unique identity. And it amplified my influence in the field. And the same thing could happen for you. So through this insightful journey, you gain valuable insights in how a well crafted will can become a cornerstone of your personal brand, because it positions you as a bully, though, and enhances your professional impact. Finally, it shows your commitment also to your company, if you're going to be doing this, you know, as part of your organisational culture project, because it also shows your commitment to the company. And also beyond. Because one day as I said, you might be doing your own thing. Another way also to show your commitment to the company, from the point of view of culture and your personal brand is by offering volunteer work and, you know, doing pro bono work as part of the company. And of course, that's a great opportunity, then to help people out there. But also get some exposure from the, from the good that you're actually doing in the community, or by joining professional organisations in your industry and getting involved. 

So remember, you know, to develop an authentic personal brand, it's to showcase your purpose, your mission, and certainly your skills. So understand your strengths and values. And it will get you to also build relationships, that also you can leverage with your, with your organisation. And of course, establish yourself as a leader. So along the way, I would say seek learning opportunities, always engage with your industry, and of course, stay positive, even when the world does not look so positive. It's up to you to recreate that reframe that and of course, you know, create a new vision of what that could look like. And you know, and because the reality is this, people like being around positive people. So if you are feeling negative, and a lot of people are these days, again, you know, you can deal with that. And you can deal with that. And certainly reframe that whole thing. By staying true to your core values, though, you become a respected presence in your industry, while remaining aligned also with your company's culture. And this is the key here, it's about being congruent. You know, and a lot of people and I'm not again, I'm not having a go at anybody work for a lot of organisations that certainly that unbelieving, their values, but they do it of course, simply why? Because they need a job and they need a job to pay their bills. But the big tip here is this. Why style again, I'm gonna repeat a true to your core values, you become respected. You become a respected presence in your industry, while remaining aligned with your company, culture. But it's more than that. You become respected to yourself. Because when you look in the mirror, you respect yourself, you know that you're fair dinkum. And this is the key here. So that's how I'd like to sort of wrap up today's discussion, personal branding and company culture works beautifully with the organization's we work with and embrace this. I can't tell you how much growth they've had. And how much did you know and we're talking about public companies here, their share price has been impacted. I'm not going to claim the credit for that. But certainly the happen while our work was in play, so please remember, you know that we're here to support you in enhancing your personal brand into personal branding. So if you need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can find a contact information in the app So a description below. And also, please don't forget to connect with me on various social media platforms but tweet out x is John on the line Michael, where LinkedIn is John Michael and you can find us on Facebook as image Group International. Thank you for tuning in. And we look forward again to seeing you next week for more valuable insights again, cheerio.

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